Tuesday, 4 November 2008

BBC urged to call election for Obama; argument ensues

Noted historian Simon Schama let his Obama support get the better of him when he interrupted a reptort to ask the show’s host,

“Aren’t you going to call the election, David?”

Host David Dimbleby, who had earlier announced that Fox News wasn’t good enough for the BBC to report an Obama victory in Ohio, responded by questioning Schama’s credibility as an historian and chastising him for wanting to report the story before having all the facts.

Although at the time Schama was sitting next to the staunch Republican US Ambassador to the UN, an unusually quiet John Bolton made no comment. Even strong Republican supporters are beginning to realise that it’s over.

The silence didn't last long as the truth sank in. Bolton later demanded that the BBC fire one of its interviewers who was continually asking for reactions to the Republican defeat.

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